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Satan (to his advisors)

An Advice of Old Baluch To His Son

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The Late Masood (Sir Ross Masood)

A Mysterious Voice


What fruits I will get of my cravings great?

From wordly worries give him a rest

Change the whole world’s evenings and dawns

I’m envied by rich in a poor state too

Beware! the wisdom’s shallow show

Iqbal once said to Sheikh of Holy home

The cravings are cold of the uproars old

The talk of a Muslim is always sweet

From knowledge of thorns and buds which shoot

Talk not of friendship and partings, so

Thy river keeps not, no tempest why?

If the wisdom ever sees from hearts’ inner sight

Some times from oceans rise like a wave

The Amannensis of Mullah Zaighum

Thy fonts quick silver bewails with grace

The death is a stone whose name is bondage

Being slave, weak and poor, hark’ the Kashmir calls

When the blood of nations from pride is glow

In quail’s flight looks the hawk’s grandeur and grace

The wonders of sufis are known to sots too

Get out from tombs, revive rites of Hussain

Well if you took it a drop of blood

Opened when in garden the ‘Rose’ bookshop

A free mans s veins are hard like the stone’s veins

All mystics and common to self know not

The whole world shook from actions they played

A sign of live nation this is the ‘Age’

How a heathen like, you play the life’s game

A trade, ‘West’s conscience, ‘hermitage’ in, East

O land of flowers! no need to tell more

Whom self’s ken taught to keep his being away

Get a higher will and a burning heart

To this poor man of town pay special heed


To Sir Akbar Hydari Prime Minister of Hyderabad Deccan

Hussain Ahmad

The Human Being

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