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A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the occasion of the visit of Balochi Academy by Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui

Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafial visited Balochi Academy Quetta on November 14, 2023 and met Chairman Balochi Academy Mr. Sangat Rafeeq. In this meeting, the commitment of cooperation between the two organizations was expressed. Balochi Academy Vice Chairman Hebtan Umar, General Secretary Dr. Bizan Saba, Finance Secretary Zahir Jan Jamaldini and members of the executive body were present in this meeting. Appreciating the initiatives of Balochi Academy for the promotion of Balochi language and literature in the meeting, Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqi said that many works have come out in Balochi literature and in this regard Balochi writers have also made the philosophy of Allama Iqbal a subject.


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