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Iqbal's Poetry should be effectively included in the National Curriculum: Justice (R) Nasira Iqbal
Allama Iqbal's Poetry provides complete guidance for the youth of the nation: Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambreen

Regarding Iqbal Day, Iqbal Academy Pakistan organized a seminar titled "Thoughts of Iqbal and Training of Young Generation" with collaboration of Government Queen Mary Graduate College, Lahore. The Program started with the recitation of Holy Quran and Naat Rasool Maqbool(ﷺ). The seminar was chaired by Justice Nasira Iqbal. The keynote speech was given by Dr. Baseera Ambreen (Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan). Vote of thanks presented by Prof. Dr. Samra Imran (Principal Government Queen Mary Graduate College, Lahore).
Dr. Baseera Ambreen addressing the students said that Iqbal's Poetry given complete guidance for the youth of the nation of every era. The questions of the youth of the nation are addressed in Iqbal’s thought as well as for women.
Allama has spoken about women's rights in his writting. Iqbal's poetry has guidance for women working in various fields of life today.
Dr. Samra Imran said that Iqbal’s message, derived from Holy Qur'an and Sunnah, is undoubtedly a beacon of light for our young generation's loftiness, dignity, success and achievement of lofty goals.
Justice Nasira Iqbal highlighted the responsibilities of the new generation and the message and thoughts of Allama Iqbal. Justice (R) Nasira said that prominent aspects of Iqbal's studies should be included in the uniform curriculum and there is a need for revision in this regard. We have the resources, but we have to go forth for betterment by effectively structuring the curriculum.
On this occasion, Dr. Maryam Irfan (Lecturer, Department of Urdu) presented a paper titled "Thought of Iqbal and Young Generation".
The students of the Persian department recited the Kalam of Iqbal beautifully and the music students of the Queen Mary College presented the Kalam of Iqbal in singing. At the end of the seminar, a shield was presented to the Dr. Samra Imran on behalf of Iqbal Academy and newsletter of Iqbal Academy Pakistan was given to encourage the students for presenting Kalam Iqbal.
Justice (Rtd) Nasira Iqbal along with Professor Dr. Baseera Ambreen and Dr. Samra Imran also visited the Book stall of Iqbal Academy Pakistan.





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