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Meeting of the Expert Committee – Presidential Iqbal Awards

The meeting of the expert committee for the National Presidential Iqbal Award (Urdu) for the year 2022 was held on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at the Iqbal Academy Pakistan library under the chairpersonship of Professor Dr. Moeenuddin Aqeel. Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui, Director, Iqbal Academy Pakistan, welcomed the participants as the convener of the Iqbal Award Committee. Besides them, Dr. Talib Hussain Sial, Dr. Khalid Iqbal Yasir, Professor Dr. Najeeb Jamal, Dr. Yusuf Awan and Dr. Ghulam Qasim Mujahid Baloch attended the meeting. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razaq Sabir, TI, Vice Chancellor University of Gwadar and Dr. Salahuddin Mengal (Islamabad) joined the meeting online. Dr. Tahir Hamid Tanoli, Assistant Director (Acad) was also present in the meeting. The results of the experts were complied and the chairperson announced the results. The recommendations of the Expert Committee will be presented to the Selection Committee for approval and onward transmission to the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the request to confer the Award. Mr. Faheem Arshad Network Administrator, Mr. Husnain Abbas (Assistant) and Mr. Muhammad Ishaq, Public Relations Officer of the Academy assisted the meeting.
During the meeting, Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui proposed that e-books may also be considered the Presidential Iqbal Award. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razaq Sabir added that the consideration of E-Books for awards is not the issue of the Iqbal Academy only. He suggested that the Academy should consult other literary institutions before putting up the matter before Selection Committee for approval. Dr. Khalid Iqbal Yasir proposed that translations and articles on Allama Iqbal's thought and art should also be nominated in the awards categories and that an Iqbal Council at international level should be established.


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