This is a short and simple poem, presenting the imagery of the monsoon season in the Indian sub-continent in a very beautiful way


Today dark clouds have appeared from the east again
Mount Sarban 1 has become covered with darkness again

As the sun's face became hidden under the clouds
Cool breeze also came riding on the steed of clouds

There are no thunder claps, silent are these clouds
Strange in its tranquillity is this tavern of dark clouds

It has brought everlasting joy's message for the garden
It has come to stitch pearls to the jacket of rose

The flowers which were fading by sun's heat freshened up
Those which were sleeping in the earth's bosom woke up

With the wind's force the cloud rose, advanced and flowed
Some dark clouds rose up, the clouds burst open into rain!

                The camp of the mountains' trees is wonderful
                Strollers in valleys should stay among its trees

Explanatory Note­
1. This is a hill in Bhimbar, now in ÿz«d Kashmâr. It must have been familiar to ‘All«mah Iqb«l on account of being in Kashmâr which he loved very much. The poem is a spontaneous outburst of his feelings after witnessing some rain storm.