Dynamism is one of the important subjects in Allmah Iqbl's teachings. "Ocean waves" is one of the metaphors he uses for dynamism, as in this poem. The poem shows how restless a dynamic person is when he is deprived of the opportunities for action. This is shown in the climax of the poem in the last verse.

My impatient heart keeps me relentlessly restless
Like mercury agitation is the essence of life to me

Wave is my name, the sea is fordable to me
The whirlpool's circle would never be a chain to me

                My steed speeds in the water like wind
                The fishing tackle has never caught my skirt

Sometimes I jump up due to attraction of the full moon
Sometimes in excitement I strike my head on the shore

I am the traveller who loves destination
Someone should ask me why I always jump

                Fleeing from the discomfort of the narrow river I am
                Upset by separation from the ocean's vastness I am

Explanatory Note
1. Allusion to the rising of the ocean waves in the tide created by the full moon.