WHO at last became familiar with the secret of unity "
Who is the wise man that is a gnostic?


THE world beneath the sky is a charming place,
But its sun and moon are prone to decay.
The corpse of the sun is carried on the shoulders of the evening,
The stars vanish when the moon appears.
The mountain flies like the moving sand, 5
The river changes in a moment.
Autumn lies in ambush against. the flowers,
The merchandise of the caravan is the fear (of loss) of life.
The tulip does not retain its beauty through dew,
If it retains it for a while, it loses it the next moment. 10
The sound dies in the harp without being produced,
The flame dies in the stone without manifesting itself.
Don't ask me about the universality of death,
You and I are tied by our breaths to the chain of death.
Death is destined to be the wine of every cup, 15
How ruthlessly has it been made common!
The arena of sudden death
Has been called the world of moon and stars.
If any particle of it learnt to fly,
It was brought under control by the spell of sight. 20
Why do you seek rest for us?
We are Tied to the revolutions of the days.
Be careful of the ego within your heart,
From this star, the night was illumined.
The world is absolutely a place of decay,1 25
This is the gnosis in this strange land.
Our heart is not seeking anything futile,
Our lot is not fruitless grief.
Desire is looked after here,
And also the intoxication of the yearning of search. 30
Ego can be made immortal;
Separation can be changed into union.
A lamp can be lit by our hot breath,
Crack in the sky can be sewn by a needle.
The Living God is not without a taste for beauty, 35
His manifestations are not without society.
Who cast the lightning of His Grace on the heart?
Who drank that wine and struck the cup on the head?
Whose heart is the criterion of beauty and good?
Whose house is it round which His moon revolves? 40
From whose privacy the cry of "Am I not your Lord" arose?
From whose musical strings the answer of "Yes" appeared?2
What a fire Love kindled in this handful of dust
One cry from us burnt down thousands of veils.
It is only our presence that keeps the cup of the Saqi in motion 45
And maintain liveliness in His society.
My heart burns on the loneliness of God!
In order, therefore, to maintain intact His Ego Society
I saw in my dust the seed of selfhood,
And keep a constant vigil over my "I"3 50

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