WHAT point does the aphorism "I am the Truth" imply?
Do you think that this mystery was mere nonsense?


I AM once again going to explain the mystery of "I am the Truth."

Before India and Iran I am unfolding a secret again.

The Magi in the circle of his followers said,

"Life was taken in by itself and uttered 'I.'

God went to sleep and our being is through His dream;


Our existence and appearance are merely His dreams.

Down and above, all four dimensions are illusions,

Rest and motion, desire and search are all illusions!

Wakeful heart and wise intellect, a dream.

Dread and anxiety, certainty and belief, a dream;


Your wakeful eye is in reality in a state of dream,

Your speech and action are all in a dream!

When He wakes up, nothing else remains,

There is no customer for the merchandise of yearning. "

The development of our intellect is through reasoning,


Our reasoning depends upon the nature of the senses.

When sense changes, this world becomes different-

Rest and motion, quality and quantity are changed.

It can be said that the world of colour and smell is non-existent,

Earth and sky, house and street, are nothing.


It can be said that all these are dreams or illusions,

Or veils over the countenance of the Divine Person.

It can be said that all is sorcery of the senses,

A deception produced by our eyes and ears.

But the ego does not belong to the universe of colour and smell ;


Our senses do not intervene between us and it.

Eyesight has no access to its sacred precincts,

You can see "self" without eyesight.

The calculation of its days is not through the revolution of the sky;

If you look within, there is no doubt or misgiving about it.


If you say that the "I" is a mere illusion-

An appearance among other appearances-

Then tell me who is the subject of this illusion.

Look within and discover.

The world is visible, yet its existence needs proof!1


Not even the intellect of an angel can comprehend it;

The "I" is invisible and needs no proof

Think awhile and see thine own secret!

The "I" is Truth, it is no illusion;

Don't look upon it as a fruitless field.


When it ripens, it becomes eternal

Lovers, even though separated from the Beloved, live in blissful union!

It is possible to give wings to a mere spark,

And to make it flutter for ever and for ever!

The Eternity of God is (elemental and) not the reward of His action!


For His eternity is not through seeking.

That eternity is superior, which a borrowed soul

Wins for herself by love's frenzy.2

The being of mountains and deserts and cities is nothing,

The universe is mortal, the ego immortal and nothing else matters.


Do not talk of Shankar and Mansur any longer,3

Seek God through seeking your own self."4

Be lost in your self to find the reality of the ego,

Say "I am the Truth" and affirm the existence of the ego.

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