Muhammad Numan Chishti is System Analyst in the Iqbal Academy Pakistan. He is using computer since 1987 at the age of 9. He wrote his first program in BASIC in 1989 for a Commodore 64 machine.

He started using IBM compatible machines in 1990. And, since then, he has developed a number of database applications as well as Websites.

He has masters degree in Computer Sciences. He was also a regular attendant of Software Engineering Workshops of Dr. A. Q. Khan Research Labs Kahuta.

His primary skills are System Analysis, Software Engineering & Operation Research. His secondary skills include Website and database development.

Some of his famous projects include website of Asmaa Ul Husna, Pakistan Movement, Sales Tax Record Keeping System and Allama Iqbal's Website.

He has attended a number of conferences, workshops and seminars and has also participated in many exhibitions. He has  also written articles in IT-related Journals.

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