Current/Future Plans

  1. Publication of Books relating to Iqbal Studies.(Nos. of books to be determined subject to availability of resources)

  2. Publication of journal "Iqbal Review" Eng.

  3. Publication of journal "Iqbaliat" Urdu

  4. Publication of journal "Iqbaliat"Persian

  5. Publication of Brochures on Iqbal.(Urdu/Arabic)

  6. Second Phase of the WEBSITE

  7. Iqbal Archives Project(Classification and Preservation).

  8. Data base of Iqbal Scholars.

  9. Kulliyat-i-Baqiyat-i-Iqbal (2 vols.)

  10. Iqbal Studies - Bibliographic Survey 1947-2000.

  11. Project of Iqbal for Children.

  12. Index and annotation of Kulliyat-i-Iqbal (Urdu)

  13. Preparation of Audio CDs of Kalam-i-Iqbal (Urdu).

  14. Iqbal Nama(Annoation and editing).

  15. Academic support, guidance for the preparation Film on Allama Iqbal with the cooperation of Islamic Republic of Iran.

  16. Holding of lectures, seminars, conferences(national).

  17. Affiliation and cooperation with other institutions especially with Iqbal Academies abroad.

  18. Academic and research assistance to Scholars.

  19. Participation in various forthcoming National/International Conferences /Seminars.

  20. Exhibition of Books and Iqbal Memorabilia on the eve of National/International Iqbal Day Celebrations

  21. Recording of Kulliyat-I-Iqbal on audio-cassettes(Persian) and preparation of CD’s

  22. Development of True Multi-lingual Library Management Software.

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