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News: Seminar - Allama Iqbal and the Philosophy of Pakistan

A special seminar on "Allama Iqbal and the Philosophy of Pakistan" was organized by Iqbal Academy Pakistan at Aiwan-e-Iqbal. The event was presided over by Senator Waleed Iqbal. Chairperson Standing Committee on Home Affairs Punjab Musarat Jamshed Cheema was the chief guest. Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambreen delivered the introductory remarks. Speakers included General (retd) Ghulam Mustafa, Dr. Samiha Raheel Qazi, Brigadier (retd) Waheeduzzaman Tariq and Sajjad Mir. Haroon Akram Gill and Syed Kausar hosted the event. Syed Muhammad Masood Alam recited the recitation while Safdar Ali Kazmi recited the Naat of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Addressing the seminar, Senator Waleed Iqbal said that Allama Iqbal was the pearl of the series which was started by Mujaddid Alif-Sani, Syed Jamaluddin Afghani, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. The sacrifices of the children are included and we have to not only remember them but also mold ourselves into a strong nation whose children the enemy could not even look up to.
Director Iqbal Academy Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambreen said that Allama Iqbal has paid homage to the spirit of martyrdom and martyrs in his poetry. For a believer, martyrdom is not for booty and rule.
General (retd) Ghulam Mustafa said that if Pakistan had not come into existence then India would not exist. We must recognize our enemy. We as a nation have been deprived of reflection. The Holy Word of Allah, and Iqbal's poetry are full of reflection. Our enemy has not forgotten that if Islam had not come here, they would have ruled the subcontinent today. How can he see Pakistan flourishing in this region. When I raise my hand for prayer, I see in my hands the blood of innocent children of APS. We have to account for the blood of these children.
Dr Sameeha Rahil Qazi said that nations which do not remember their history, Allah does not preserve their geography. We must not only remember the tragedy of the fall of Dhaka and the APS, but also learn from it and move forward. Brigadier (retd) Waheeduzzaman Tariq said that the common denominator between Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal was nationalism. He said that Allama Iqbal had introduced the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims and Narendra Modi is proving the legitimacy of his philosophy with his attitude towards the Muslims today. Musarat Jamshed Cheema said that there is a big difference between Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam's Pakistan and today's Pakistan. We are far behind Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam's vision of Pakistan but we are not disappointed. The situation of minorities in India today, God forbid, chould happen to any nation. The biggest threat to us is from the fifth generation war. But don't be discouraged because we have the best youth in the world. Today, we pledge that we will learn from our failures and achieve the Pakistan goal.

Iqbal Academy Pakistan