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Meeting of the Expert committee for Presidential Iqbal Award (Pakistani languages)

Committee of the Experts on Presidential Iqbal award got together on Tuesday, 11th January 2022 at Ewan e Iqbal Complex, comity room no 3, to attribute the National presidential Iqbal Award (Pakistani languages) for the year 2015 to 2020. The director Iqbal Academy, Prof Dr. Baseera Ambreen and the convenor Iqbal Award committee welcomed the participants of the conference. Dr. Asmat Ullah and Dr. Nabeela Rehman participated in the conference, while Dr. Fakhar ul Islam, Dr. Salma Shaheen, Dr. Ghulam Qasim Baloch and Dr. Muhammad Adil got their participation online. On this occasion, the guideline Instructions for the selection committee of Presidential Iqbal awards were prepared in the light of the results sent by the experts. The results were announced by Dr. Asmat Ullah, the Honorary President of the committee. The prepared results would be presented to the selection committee for further authentication. Director Iqlal Academy presented the Academy's Newsletters and publications to the guests at the end of the conference. At this moment, Dr. Tahir Hameed Tanoli, Assistant director Academics, Assistant Iqbal Awards Hasnain Abbas and Coordinator zoom meeting Fahim Arshad were present for their cooperation in the conference.



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